Compensation for Medical Bills in West Virginia

Whiplash, broken bones, internal injuries and head trauma are a few of the common types of automobile accident injuries that require careful medical treatment and follow-up attention.

When you are in the hospital or at the doctor’s office after a collision, you may wonder which of your insurance policies will foot the bill.

All West Virginia drivers are required to carry auto liability insurance that pays the medical costs of an accident victim when the driver is at fault.

So, if someone else causes your accident, his or her liability insurance will be responsible for your bills. But liability insurance is not responsible for covering the driver’s own injury costs. When you are at fault for a crash, whether the accident involved another driver or not, your liability insurance won’t offer you any help.

If you have employer-provided health insurance or an individual policy, your healthcare provider will bill this insurance for your medical care first. When your insurance pays out the extent of your coverage limit, the healthcare organization that provided treatment can bill your secondary insurer, if one exists.

If you are on Medicare however, Medicare becomes the second payer, with your other insurance policy being primarily responsible for your bills.

Personal injury protection (PIP) and Med Pay are two types of no-fault insurance that can pay for the medical costs of drivers and passengers regardless of who caused an accident.

So, once your health insurance policy reaches its limit, PIP or Med Pay may become the secondary payer. PIP may also help you get back on your feet financially by compensating you for lost wages if you missed work after your accident.

PIP and Med Pay can be lifesavers when the unexpected occurs. But West Virginia law does not require drivers to have PIP or Med Pay, so it is possible that your insurance policy does not include either. It is best to check your policy before an accident occurs so you can know whether or not this safeguard exists.

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