Personal Injury in West Virginia

West Virginia Personal Injury Attorneys Help Victims Collect Damages

As a full-service personal injury law firm, the Prim Law Firm, PLLC helps all types of injury and accident victims in West Virginia.

We represent victims of negligence and auto accidents, as well as families who have been impacted by mesothelioma.

Whether you have been hurt on a construction site, in a store’s parking lot or by a defective product, our attorneys have the experience to get results for our clients.

When your family is dealing with a tragic death or the horror of nursing home abuse, we provide compassionate representation and personalized care.

Bringing Lawsuits on Behalf of Injured West Virginians

Negligence means that someone breached a duty that they owed you, and because of this breach, you were injured. Common examples are a driver running a red light and causing an auto accident or a property owner ignoring a broken railing that causes a serious injury.

In West Virginia, victims of negligence and other types of accidental injuries have a two-year time limit to bring their claims. Children and their parents typically have extended deadlines based on the specifics of the case.

In cases where an injury could not be discovered until later, victims usually have two years to file a claim from the date they should have known about the injury. Separate rules apply for mesothelioma claims.

Our attorneys will help you understand how all these rules apply in your case and how long you have to file a lawsuit.

Damages, Awards in Personal Injury Cases

West Virginia courts allow injury victims to collect a variety of damages. Economic damages can be awarded to cover costs of medical expenses, lost wages, reduced earning capacity and household services that the victim can no longer perform. These damages are based on actual or expected costs.

Non-economic damages are available for your pain, suffering, loss of consortium and loss of enjoyment of life. There is no mathematical way to put a price on pain and suffering, so the jury decides the value of these damages.

Non-economic damages are limited. Most victims are limited to $250,000 in non-economic damages, but victims who have experienced catastrophic injury may be able to recover up to $500,000. These limits do not apply to your medical costs or other expenses.

In rare cases, punitive damages may be awarded to discourage reckless or dangerous conduct. Our attorneys work to get you the largest recovery allowed under the law.

Trust Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys to Help You Recover

At Prim Law Firm, PLLC in Hurricane, West Virginia, our accident attorneys focus on helping injured people. Through the use of skilled litigation tactics and expert witnesses, we work to hold negligent parties liable for your injuries.

For more information on personal injury, please call us now at 304-201-2425 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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