How Do I Pay for Medical Costs After a Personal Injury?

If you have been hurt due to someone else’s negligence or intentional misconduct, you are entitled to various types of damages, including payment of medical bills. However, if you have health insurance, these costs might not come out of your pocket in the first place. In other cases, a victim with a worthy personal injury claim might lack the ability to pay for treatment until a judgment or settlement is paid. No matter what your medical and financial situation might be, an experienced personal injury attorney can advise you on your legal rights and the funding of your treatment and personal expenses.

Finalizing a settlement or going to trial might take months or even years. In the meantime, several options exist to pay for immediate medical costs:

  • Health insurance — Negligence victims who are covered by medical insurance will likely have healthcare expenses paid by their carrier based on the terms of their policy. Compensation secured through a verdict or settlement can cover deductible amounts or costs that don’t fall within your coverage. Your insurance company can then pursue the liable parties for appropriate repayment.
  • Medicaid and other government programs — If you are covered by Medicare, Medicaid or another type of government-run healthcare program, these programs are obliged to pay certain costs and seek reimbursement from defendants for costs they don’t cover.
  • Letters of protection — These are documents under which a victim’s attorney agrees to pay for medical treatment once the plaintiff obtains financial compensation in their injury matter. Depending on your circumstances, there might be other ways to handle this situation, but we can guide you toward a result that suits your needs.

Don’t hesitate to get the legal advice you need or assume that a party at fault will automatically pay your medical bills from the outset. Prim Law Firm, PLLC has recovered millions of dollars for West Virginia clients in a full range of personal injury matters. Please call [ln::phone] or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation regarding your situation. Our office is in Hurricane.