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Known for its fire-retardant properties, asbestos usage dates back to sometime around the first century A.D., and its popularity continued throughout U.S. history until its ban in the 1970s.

In spite of the ban, this deadly substance still exists in some older buildings and many materials. Even today, diagnoses of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses still occur, particularly in blue-collar workers and their families.

Proving fault for mesothelioma can involve dozens of defendants. And because the asbestos use can extend over a wide range of industries and materials, these legal cases require a West Virginia mesothelioma attorney with a detailed understanding of how asbestos exposure affects workers and their families.

Individuals affected by asbestos exposure

Mesothelioma results from inhaling asbestos fibers, causing it to affect a wide range of individuals, including the following:

  • Any worker risks exposure simply by spending time in older buildings. But an extensive list of workers can suffer mesothelioma, including construction workers and contractors, individuals who repair brakes and clutches, maritime workers, miners, steel mill workers, and those engaged in hazardous material removal.
  • Families of anyone at risk often face exposure when workers bring asbestos fibers into their homes on clothing.
  • Anyone who lives in close proximity to facilities containing asbestos also risks exposure when the wind carries asbestos dust over long distances.

How we help workers and families

With strong blue-collar roots and union ties, Managing Partner, Brian Alan Prim has more than a decade of experience focused on workplace and asbestos-related injuries.

Our mesothelioma attorneys have overcome some of the challenges of identifying the source of worker mesothelioma by developing a massive database that documents products containing asbestos and job sites that used this dangerous substance.

Even workers with numerous employers in their history benefit by our ability to trace exposure to specific manufacturers and the employers they supplied.

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